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First Step: Take a Picture

The user takes a picture of the object to be searched with the smartphone and starts  the search.


Second Step: The Search

The image is processed and the AI searches for a result in the background for about 5-10 seconds.


Third Step: Results

The app suggests a list of possible hits. The user can make his or her selection and select the preferred result.


Fourth Step: Action

Depending on the task, the user can obtain information or initiate further actions, e.g. ordering the component in a webshop.


Fifth Step: Specials

It is now very easy to open special functions such as video calls from SightCall.



Sixth Step: Documentation

In 99% of cases, the user first searches for more information and documentation in order to plan further steps.



Higher uptime of your machinery

The fast and reliable identification of assemblies, components and wear parts allows defective parts to be quickly identified and replaced. The downtime of your machines is reduced while at the same time relieving your maintenance teams.

Easier ordering of spare parts

An end-to-end digital process that allows employees to uniquely identify a component using a smartphone or tablet and then lead it to an eCommerce process/web shop helps all sides and prevents unnecessary misorders.

Start your mobile Product Identification Project today!

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The Kickstarter for Recognition Projects

The Partium is a data pool full of standard and norm parts that can be identified via smartphone. This data pool is the ideal kick start data for your component search project.

Our Partforce constantly expands the data pool to provide you with even more components without additional effort. Currently, the pool contains approx. 100 million norm and standard parts from the electronic environment and mechanical engineering, which we can make identifiable for your project.

How can I benefit from Partium, the Partforce and the component search?


We connect your apps with our recognition technologies (APIs) and with Partium, Humai’s comprehensive database of standard and purchased parts. All non-standard parts are digitized for you by our Partforce and integrated into Partium at low cost.

In this way we reduce the effort for object recognition projects and enable our customers to quickly implement concrete added value for their organisation.

Solid partner for the Industry

For more than 15 years, our customers have benefited from our solid solutions for the challenges of large industrial companies. During this time, we have always focused our technology on the needs of our customers and have worked hard to earn the trust of our customers and partners.

Case Study: Aichelin

The project with Aichelin focuses on a maintenance assistant for thermoprocessing plants. The aim of this assistant is to simplify work processes and procedures and to guarantee maximum safety.

In addition to many smart functions, the main focus is on the simplified and secure recognition of components and spare parts with the help of artificial intelligence, through a mobile app. This can also be used to call up further information on the product or component.

Together with Aichelin, a project was initiated that is unique in the after-sales and maintenance market.


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